What's going on around here?

Food On Your Shirt Inc makes food t-shirts for chefs, cooks, mongers, gastronomes, gluttons, afficionados and foodites. We design and print our shirts with love the same way you prepare a meal.

Do you ever have DEALS?

Well with all the creative juices flowing around here we launch a new shirt design every week. That's a lot of shirts! We will offer a one day discount once a month just to keep things fresh. Keep your eyes open for holiday discounts. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to know what's new and what deals are coming.

* Disclaimer: At least once a month the new shirt will have a pig theme because, if you didn't know already, we're kind of piggy around here.

What's with all the pigs? 

Well, we kind of have a bacon fetish around here. We love all food, but there is one food that stands above all others. There is a fine line between being a vegetarian and being not a vegetarian and that line is made of bacon. But if you are on the line it doesn't count as crossing it, so we invite everyone to join our little bacon team.

I have an idea for a shirt, can I submit it in exchange for a million dollars?

We love hearing your ideas and seeing your scribbles, especially when they are awesome. A great idea can just be a scribble or a sentence, we'll get polished up. If the head chef likes your idea enough to get it on the menu, we'll send you a free-shirt with your design idea. As for that million bucks, we're printing shirts not money...submit ideas to info@foodonyourshirt.com

Can I have something for free? 

Well okay since you asked nicely we have a lovely little something from the kitchen in our Amuse page.


What kinda shirt do you print on? 

We print on ring-spun %100 cotton All-style shirts. They are super soft and extra durable because they spin the thread before they weave the shirt. It's awesome and holds the print really nicely.Half the kitchen here is ladies, so we made sure to offer lady-shaped shirts with tapered sides because girl are the frickin' best. 

Here's a sizing chart to help you out...



Do you do custom orders? 

We can do custom orders for sure. Talk to our design department about doing up a special design for your restaurant, dinner club or eating team. See here for more information or send us an email outlining what you are looking for to info@foodonyourshirt.com

Can I get some Food On Your Shirt designed shirts to sell at my shop or restaurant?

YES! Email us for competitive pricing at info@foodonyourshirt.com


Where do I tuck my napkin into my shirt?

Tuck your napkin into the front of your collar, spreading the napkin to ensure your entire awesome shirt is protected from splattering.


What's your return policy?

We want you to be strutting around in your awesome new shirt. But if you're not satisfied with your purchase, please return the item(s) for an exchange, refund or credit. 

Here's our detailed Shipping & Return's Policy.

How do I pay for stuff?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club and Discover) through the Moneris eSelect Plus service. Moneris is safe and secure. 

They accept all kinds of payment options and the bonus is that we don't have to deal with your credit card, only they have to deal with your credit cards. You don't need to set up an account, you just need to have a valid credit card.


My mom doesn't wash my shirts anymore... how do I wash a T-shirt?

Okay, first don't panic that you have to wash your own clothing. It's cool stay calm.

Flip your shirt inside out. This can be done while you are removing it.

For the best results and the longest lasting shirt wash on a gentle or delicate cycle in cold water. To avoid any unsightly shrinkage air dry your shirt flat on a dry towel or hang to dry. Or if you must put it in the dryer use the lowest heat setting and the most gentle tumble setting.If you want your shirt to look chipped and cracked and totally old school distressed, just dry it on high heat without flipping it inside out. If you take good care of your shirt it will last for well over 40 washes...After 60 washes, it'll be time to buy a new shirt.


What is your shipping policy?

We want our shirts to be worn all over the world. So we'll ship them to anywhere we can. 

Here's our detailed Shipping and Returns Policy

Here is what our shipping costs look like....