Munchies in Calgary


Munchies / Vice / Keep it Canada / Calgary, Alberta

starring mighty Matty Matheson

with special guests John and Connie of Charcut, Pierre & Candace of Food On Your Shirt and Dave Bohati of Market. And many more.

We joined the Matty Matheson posse with Charcut crew and had an awesome time showing y'all around the Stampede, the mountains and the awesome restaurants of Calgary.


Why did you cut out the scene where Matty milked a bull?



This is the moment when John actually cracked his rib.

This is the moment John realises he cracked his rib. Champion rider!

Hats off to Matty for braving the bull. Cheval shirt is here.

Connie and Candace spectate.

collaboration brunch with Jenn Louis, Jessica Pelland, Kevin Kent at Charcut.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Euan challenged me to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and raise awareness for families living with the disease. I accepted. So, here is me with a big pot filled with ice cold water ready to take the plunge.



Thanks Euan for helping to spread the word and supporting this amazing campaign!



Shirt chef and Chopped Champ



I had a tonne of fun competing on Chopped Canada with Sheina, Sue and Abbey! What a tight race!

Thanks to all the friends and family who brought over black boxes to practice. Especially the guys at Knifewear and Charcut Roast House.

Most of all, thanks to my co-chef Candace, I couldn't have done it without you.


Thanks for the opportunity to compete and the awesome culinary production team who fills the fridge full of fresh ingredients and puts the whacky stuff in the baskets. Also, sorry about the flour on the floor from the pasta spinning fiasco.

Thanks to the judges for all the great feedback. Vikram Vij, Chuck Hughes and Roger Mooking (After the show Roger worked with us to create his very own Roger Mooking shirt collection)



chop chop

We are loving Chopped Canada!

Every week we are going to tune in to discover which Canadian chef is going to be bringing home the maple gilded top prize.

The concept of the show is based on the mysterious 'black box' that is both exciting and terrifying. It's a great way to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

The Chopped Canada basket includes some curve balls like sprinkles and beef tongue and digestif cookies. And the clock, tic, toc, chop, chop.


The breakdown...

Every episode, four talented chefs enter the kitchen for 3 rounds of mystery basket cooking. 

Round one. Appetizer. 20 minutes.

One chef gets chopped.


Round two. Main. 30 minutes.

One chef gets chopped.


Round three. Dessert. 30 minutes.

One chef gets chopped.


The last chef standing wins. Chopped Canada Champ.


Hosted by Dean McDermott with the badass chainsaw voice and that fierce eyebrow.


And the judges.

A shmorgasbord of Canada's top culinary talents. 

Chef Roger Mooking. 

Chef Lynn Crawford. Agro? or Dolce?

Chef Susur Lee. Kitchen Ninja.

Chef Anne Yarymovich. 

Chef Chuck Hughes. 

Chef John Higgins.

Chef Michael Smith. 

Restaurateur Vikram Vij.


For fans of Chopped Canada we designed a fun shirt to wear while you are cheering on the chefs or ripping it up against the clock in your own kitchen. 

Here is the Chop chop shirt




Written by Pierre Lamielle — January 12, 2014

Pig Head Mortadella


Sometimes I get to tag along with John and Connie of Charcut when they do cooking demos... for comic relief.

At this year's Terroir Symposium in Toronto Connie decided to do the Pig Head Mortadella demo, but to add a little twist.

Instead of just demoing, she decided to go head to head against one of the chefs in the audience. A face off, if you will, to see who could bone a pigs head fastest.

Connie's record before the demo was 1 minute and 16 seconds.

The head of the Butchery program at Geroge Brown was chosen from the crowd of highly acclaimed chefs and he swaggered up to the stage. After rolling up his sleeves and deftly swirling the and twirling the knife a few times he was ready.

I started the clock.

Connie called time and I was shocked because it hadn't even been a minute.

48 seconds.

I was stunned silent, Connie was beaming and her competitor was deflated.

Later that day Connie received an award as the Best Chef in Canada. Quite a day, it's a wonder she stays so humble.

The next day at a special chef's meal we served the pig head mortadella to Lotta and Pers-Anders of Fool Magazine. They loved it.

After we got home to Calgary, I pitched the story and art and it is now in the much anticipated Fool Magazine Issue #3.

Here is the shirt of the pig head mortadella in all its glory.

Alice Eats illustrations


Giant Alice is attacked by the Queen's card guard in Alice Eats Wonderland. This illustration gets split and run over the last 2 pages of the book.

Here is a look at how a typical illustration was created for the Alice in Wonderland book. It starts with a pencil sketch, gets traced using a Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint pen, scanned and layered in Photoshop using a library of brushes and patterns that I've created and collected, then it is placed on the page in InDesign.

Written by Pierre Lamielle — January 25, 2013

Alice Eats Wonderland

The time has finally come to announce the Alice Eats Wonderland Cookbook.

The classic 12 chapter storybook is filled with tea-party themed recipes throughout the storyline, including an extended Mad Hater Tea party!

Julie Van Rosendaal (Dinner With Julie) and Pierre A Lamielle (Kitchen Scraps) have teamed up to bring the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to life with a fun new Alice Eats Wonderland Cookbook coming Fall 2013 from Whitecap Books.

Julie Van Rosendaal has created recipes that will delight and distract with gorgeous step by step photos to tantalise and help make cooking easy.

The characters and illustrations have been re-imagined by illustrator Pierre A Lamielle who has given Alice a whole new Wonderland to explore.

The book is created for Alice in Wonderland fans of all ages with delightful tea party themed recipes, complete with helpful step by step instructions and photos.

It can also be enjoyed at bedtime as the complete story of Alice in Wonderland to inspire dreams tasty adventures.

This little piggy went to market

We are in the Calgary Farmer's Market from now until Christmas.

We also made a "This little piggy went to market"

You can order any shirt from our online shop, use the promo code "CFM" to pay no-shipping and pick up your order the following week at the market. It'll be wrapped up and you can pick out a free sticker fun page to go along with it.

Here's our cart. Come by say hi and check out our shirts. 


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