• Calgary Farmers' Market

    Posted by Candace Bergman

    We come alive during the holidays, our favourite time of year! Here we are at our pop-up location at the Calgary Farmers Market. Thanks for the write up Leilani! If you missed us this year, don't despair...we plan to pop-up at a few local and cross-country markets this year. Keep it local!

  • Chef Michael Smith's 2013 Holiday #Swagapalooza!

    Posted by Pierre Lamielle

    Candace and I recently had the opportunity to meet and get to know a little about what makes easterner chef Michael Smith so welcomed into food-loving Canadian's hearts across the country. There are many qualities–his playful personality is contagious and charming, he is ever so generous, the man can cook, but mostly he has heart–and you can see that in his annual gift-giving #Swagapalooza timed perfectly with the 12 days of Christmas.

    This year he chose to put Alice Eats in his swag basket of goodies. Both Julie and I were elated and excited that he loved our whimsical cookbook creation of Alice, and blown away that he listed it as his favourite cookbook of the year!

    Thank you Michael. It truly is an honour.

    So, if you haven't 'liked' his Facebook page, yet, and want to know how to be part of the #Swagapalooza give-a-way, go to Facebook and search up '2013 Holiday #Swagapalooza!'. Go ahead and 'like' the page and 'like' the daily posts, and you'll be entered to win the basket! You can also follow along via Twitter hashtag #Swagapalooza! Fun!


  • About.com Travel

    Posted by Pierre Lamielle

    Thanks Alison!

  • Reader's Digest - Getting Around

    Posted by Pierre Lamielle

    We love our new pal Val!

    Not only did she write this great article about us, we ate, drank, broke gluten-free bread and got very merry.

    Thanks for writing such a fun peice on us!

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  • Calgary Herald - Neighbours

    Posted by Pierre Lamielle
    This Story is about us! We love to make food t-shirts, but we LOVE to cook ,more!
    P.S. Thanks for the write up Julie ;)